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"Compliant" must be our new word for survival.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

So exactly what does being "Compliant" mean?

Well, simply . . . to follow rules and obey!

Now . . . I'm sure you're thinking . . . I already do that!

We know all about Regulatory compliance in our everyday life - Regulations protect consumers' rights, health and safety. And it ensures minimum standards for products and services.

But what about being "Compliant" within ourselves? We've spoken a lot of late, about control and that due to this crisis . . . we feel we have lost that control in our life. And guess what . . . control leads to compliance!

And "yes" maybe we have lost the control of going to work, seeing family and friends and even buying toilet paper.

But what about our "physical" control? Are we being "Compliant"?

Okay . . . this is just my opinion . . . but on this topic of physical compliance . . . I believe we as a nation have flunked this course . . . we get a big fat "O", a goose egg as they say!

Why . . . because if we were a nation of "physical compliance within ourselves", we wouldn't be in the mess we're in today . . .

"Physical compliance" is about protecting "our" health . . . physically, emotionally and mentally. Making sure our "immune system" is in top working order at all times. Making sure our Antibodies are in abundance to fight off illness, disease and obesity. And yes, this virus!

But we in this western world of processed foods, dairy daily, sugar in everything, preservatives, GMO foods, coffee, alcohol, pollution, toxins, pesticides and medications, are "NOT" being "Compliant" with the rules and regulations of mother earth and the mechanics of the human body!