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Correcting "Cholesterol" levels Naturally

Okay . . . so today let's finish our conversation about helping to correct "High Cholesterol" in the body.

First . . . let's talk about what conventional medicine is doing for us . . .

Conventional medicine gives us medications like "Statins" such as Lipitor, Lescol, Altoprev, Livalo, Pravachol, Crestor and Zocor.

And these medications "decrease" the "production" of cholesterol in the liver and help remove excess cholesterol from the blood vessels.

You see . . . Statins work by "slowing" down the production of LDL-cholesterol in the liver. EVEN WHAT THE BODY MAKES NATURALLY, THAT WE NEED!

Now . . . due to the liver not making as much cholesterol when taking Statins . . . it then takes cholesterol out of the body's blood . . . and with this . . . blood cholesterol levels fall.

But . . . the problem is this . . . Statins do help to lower LDL cholesterol levels when taken . . . but they also lower the "cholesterol" our OWN body makes for optimal health.

And what are the most common side effects of taking "statins"???

Well . . . that would be . . .

Pain and soreness, tiredness or weakness in the muscles, digestive problems, cognitive dysfunction and weight gain.

And just a little side note: Did you know drinking coffee when taking "statins" can "decrease" the effects of this medication?

Okay . . . so even though "statins" may help to control the LDL cholesterol in the body . . . they don't "improve" the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol.

So really . . . all Statins are doing is putting a "band aide" on a very serious health problem.

They by NO means . . . are CORRECTING the problem.

Now . . . I'm not telling anyone to stop taking their medication . . . that would be up to your own healthcare provider.

But what I am saying . . . is let's discover why we have "high" cholesterol in the first place and a way to help correct it naturally.

And some of these ways would be . . .

Consume more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, especially Omega-3s

Avoid Trans fats

Eat soluble fiber

Exercise and lose weight

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

Okay people . . . I've said it a thousand times before . . .


So is we eat poorly . . . there will be repercussions to the body's health.

But . . . if we eat correctly and "compliant" foods . . . the body will become healthy once again . . . yes, even lower our cholesterol

And according to a cardiologist at NYU Langone Medical Center . . . it's possible to lower the levels of cholesterol up to 20% through dietary and lifestyle changes ALONE in about 3 months.

So tomorrow we'll talk about what foods will accomplish this mission of correcting "cholesterol" levels.

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