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"Cortisol" one of the biggest offender in "losing weight"

So what is "Cortisol" and why is it so important???

Well . . . "Cortisol" is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. It's best known as the "stress hormone" because it's released when the body senses stress. And like all other hormones . . . it's vital to the body's survival.

So what is "Cortisol's" main purpose???

Well . . . it's a steroid hormone that regulates a ride range of vital processes throughout the body . . . including "metabolism" and the "immune system" responses.

It increases sugars (glucose) in the bloodstream, enhancing the brain's use of glucose and increases the availability of substances that "repair tissues".

And when working correctly . . . it helps to control "blood sugar levels", "regulates metabolism", reduces "inflammation" and controls blood pressure.

So you ask . . . how can this hormone called "cortisol" be bad for us then???

And how can it affect the body's weight negatively???

Well . . . as we've spoken in many other Health tips . . . when the "lectins" we consume in the food we eat "interfere" with the body's communication between hormones . . . specially "cortisol" . . .

"Cortisol" levels elevate and can keep you awake at night, affect the ability of the fasting function of the Leptin hormone and increases the Ghrelin hormone, which makes you want to eat all the time.

And when "cortisol" levels get chronically elevated . . . it leads to overeating and weight gain.