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Cutting down on our "sodium" consumption

So today let's finish the topic of consuming too much "s0dium".

Okay . . . so what are the long-term effects of consuming too much???

Well . . . that would be . . . an enlarged heart muscle, headaches, heart failure, high blood pressure, kidney disease, kidney stones, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and stroke.

You see . . . when the body sees too much "sodium" in the bloodstream . . . it's the "lymphatic system" and kidney's job to try and flush it out. And with this . . . the body increases the overall blood volume . . . which places stress on the body's blood vessels causing high blood pressure . . . leading to stroke and congestive heart failure.

Another issue is "inflammation" . . .

"Sodium" causes "fluid retention" and exacerbates "hypertension" in the body . . . and with this . . . it causes "inflammation".

Okay . . . so the next question is this . . . how long does "sodium" stay in the body???

Well . . . "excessive" sodium intake from a high-salt meal will typically take 2 to 4 days to leave the body. That's as long as you're NOT doing that every day. But if you do have a meal that's high in sodium . . . drinking lots of water, exercising, sweating and eating fruit and vegetable high in "potassium" will help this process of "reducing" the sodium from the body.

So how else can we cut down on sodium???

Well . . . choosing fresh meats instead of packaged meats, choose plain frozen vegetables (no sauces or flavorings) and buying only whole fresh foods,

Choosing "Pink Himalayan salt" is also a benefit to this issue . . . how you ask???

Well . . . "Pink Himalayan salt" have about a 1/3 of the "sodium" that table salt has.

And I'll let you in on a little unknown secret to reducing "sodium" in the body . . . and that would be . . .

"Lemon water" . . .

Research has found that using "lemon water" can help people reduce their "sodium" intake by as much as 75%.

You see . . . "lemon water" contains calcium and "potassium" that have the ability to "lower" blood pressure in people with "hypertension". And studies suggest that "lemon water" can help bring your "sodium number" to a normal range . . . almost immediately.

So eating a "compliant", anti-inflammatory diet, getting the "lymphatic system" flushing properly and drinking "lemon water" may be the avenue we need to take if we have a "sodium issue".

NOTE: As always, please consult your own healthcare provides before changing your diet in anyway.

And tomorrow, let's talk about the "heart".

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