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"Depression" and the dawn of a new day

So yesterday we discovered that the "bad" bacteria that lurks deep within us . . . is really the cause of upset in our brain, which therefore . . . causes "depression".

Today, we continue and explore the final element to this devastating disorder.

The other element that affects us negatively is "acidity". When the body is lacking in "good" bacteria, which allows the "bad" bacteria to now grow out of control and wreak havoc on our body . . . the body now becomes "too acidic". We spoke the other day of these 2 elements also being the cause of "sleep" problems.

Well . . . guess what? "Elevated" acidity, which is the same as a low pH level . . . is associated with panic disorders, anxiety and "depression" also.

You see . . . the brain and its acidic level are frequently undergoing changes due to temporary spikes in the amount of carbon dioxide gas which is continuously being released due to the brain breaking down sugar for generating energy.

But . . . if this brain's acidic level "stops" fluctuating as a "normal" function and builds up this acidic level . . . the result of this irregularity has been associated with panic disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety and yes . . . "depression".

Therefore, it is imperative that we maintain a healthy "acidic" level in the body and brain.

So let's regroup for a moment . . . because I know talking about this topic for the past several days . . . you may have gotten lost on this path.

Okay . . . so here we go . . .

Conventional medicine tries to heal "depression" through increasing "serotonin" levels. And they use synthetic drugs to increase that serotonin and with this . . . many times they will also add a stimulant . . . to make us feel good. But . . . by no means are these drug actually fixing the problem.

Then we have Alternative medicine, which is what I practice. And again, they try to heal this disorder through increasing serotonin levels. But . . . the difference would be that alternative medicine uses natural herbs, amino acid and vitamins to accomplish their mission.