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"Detoxing" from "Candy Overload" - continued

So we've all had that moment . . . where we "PROMISE" ourselves . . . that we're "NOT" going to eat any more "CANDY" . . .

And then it happens . . . we're hungry and it's not meal time . . . we have a stressful moment . . . or we find that candy bar we "hid" last week . . .

And the process of "candy overload" . . . STARTS all over again.

This truly is a "NEVER" ending battle . . . until we can take control of that "addiction"

So the question for today is this . . . HOW EXACTLY DO WE DO THAT???

Well yesterday . . . we spoke about a good start would be . . . eliminating dairy, caffeine and alcohol . . . because they're an "addiction" in themselves. And they're NOT helping this situation at all.

Next . . . there are several other ways to "TAKE BACK OUR CONTROL"

And that would be things like . . .

Drink more water

Increase healthy Omega 3's into the diet

Eat more healthy protein

Manage stress

Eat "compliant" complex carbs

Intermittent fasting

Herbal teas

And taking herbal supplements

So today . . . let's start with "drinking more water"

You see . . . when "blood sugar levels" are running "high" . . . the body tries to "flush" the excess "sugar" out of the blood through urination . . . and with this . . . we become "dehydrated".

So drinking more "water" to "replenish" the body's fluid level to help "flush" out the "sugar" in our blood" . . . is a good thing.

So let me ask you this . . . do you ever get "constipated" when you eat a lot of "candy"???

Well . . . when the body is desperately trying to "flush" out this "sugar" . . . it will steal "water" from our "intestines" . . . leaving us with firmer stool and/or constipation.

Next up . . . eating more "protein" and "fiber" will also help to eliminate this "overload" of "sugar"

We can "stabilize" our "blood sugar" by eating some "slow-digesting" protein and fiber . . . like almond butter, a hard boiled egg, pistachios, red cabbage, flaxseeds, an apple, beets, garlic, artichokes, brown rice or some green veggies.

And tomorrow . . . we'll continue with some more ways to "eliminate" this "overload" and take back our "control".

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