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"Diabetes" and a "Superfood"

So today . . . let's finish the topic of "diabetes" with a "superfood" that can help.

And that would be . . . "broccoli".

You see . . . "broccoli" is a great source of the "phytochemical" called "glucosinolate" which converts to "isothiocyanates" which has "anti-pancreatic" cancer properties.

And "broccoli" aids in healing and keeping the pancreas healthy so "insulin" is produced and used correctly and therefore, diabetes isn't an issue.

"Broccoli" also contains "sulforaphane" . . . an antioxidant which limits the "glucose" production in the liver in people with diabetes. It helps improve "glucose tolerance" and regulates "fasting blood glucose" . . . especially in diabetics.

And other foods would be . . .

Fatty fish like salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel . . . due to being a great source of omega 3 fatty acid

Leafy greens, avocadoes, eggs, plain Greek yogurt and some nuts like almonds, walnut and pistachios

Another way to help the" pancreas" is by "triggering" it to "regenerate" itself through a type of fasting called "intermittent fasting". I did a Health tip a while back on this kind of fasting and its benefits.

But the best . . . hands down . . . is raw fresh organic "broccoli" . . . it's a win - win . . .

So if you have diabetes . . . get your green on today.

Now . . . if you remember . . . I did a series of posts about "digestive enzymes" a little while back.

And they come into play with the "pancreas" also.

You see . . . not only does the "pancreas" produce the hormone "insulin" . . . it also creates "natural juices" called "pancreatic enzymes" that breakdown the food we eat. These are the "digestive enzymes" I wrote about.

And with this . . . every day the "pancreas" makes about 8 ounces of "digestive juices" filled with "enzymes".

But if the "pancreas" is impaired by "bad" bacteria and/or lectins" . . . it won't produce enough "digestive enzymes" . . . leaving us with "insulin" problems and "diabetes".

And adding "digestive enzymes" to the diet will help ease an overworked "pancreas" trying to do its job.

We'll be talking more about the "pancreas" later on . . . but for now . . .

Adding "broccoli" to the diet is a good choice due to its ability to manage blood sugar levels, which can reduce blood glucose in people with diabetes.

And tomorrow, I'll give you one of my favorite recipes.

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