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"Diabetes" and "Harmful Foods"

So today . . . we're going to continue the topic of "diabetes" and what are some "harmful foods".

Okay . . . so let's review and break it down.

As we know . . . "diabetes" is a disease in which blood "glucose" or blood sugar levels are "too" high or too low . . . with "glucose" coming from the food we eat.

Now . . . "Insulin" is a hormone that helps the "glucose" get into the cells to give them energy.

So in other words . . . "Insulin" is our sugar "regulator".

Okay . . . so where does this "insulin" come from?

Well . . . that would be . . . the "pancreas", which is located behind the stomach.

Now . . . we know without "insulin" or the proper levels . . . the body's cells can't get enough energy from the food we eat.

And at this time . . . the body's immune system attacks the "insulin-producing beta cells" in the "pancreas" with "inflammation". These "beta cells" . . . now become damaged and over time . . . the pancreas stops producing enough "insulin" to meet the body's needs. This is type 1 diabetes.

Okay . . . so what about "type 2" diabetes because this issue is more common???

Well . . . "type 1" . . . the body "doesn't" produce "insulin" due to a "damaged" pancreas

Whereas . . . "type 2" . . . the body "does" produce "insulin" . . . but the body "doesn't" respond to "insulin" as well as it should. And is commonly known as the "lifestyle disease".

Now . . . as we know . . . "diabetes" is associated with high blood pressure, an excess of sugar and the "inability" to heal properly which can cause anxious, fatigue and weakness.

"Diabetes" can also cause frequent urination, increased thirst, always feeling hungry, blurry vision, patches of dark skin, tingling, numbness or pain in the hands or feet and even becoming incoherent.

And science says . . . "chronic inflammation" of the "pancreas" can damage the cells that produce "insulin". And that "pancreatitis" and "type 2" diabetes share some of the same risk factors.

Okay . . . so where does "food" come into this equation???

Well . . . we've spoken many times about "lectins" which are called the "silent destroyers" and the "miscommunicators" of the body. And if the body has a "bad" bacterial overgrowth . . . these "lectins" now become the enemy . . . which affects the intestines, blood and every organ and hormone in the body. With them especially affecting the "pancreas".

And what's one of the biggest offenders of this "silent destroyer"???

Well . . . that would be "PEANUTS"!!! That's right people . . . "peanuts" . . . and peanuts and peanut oil is hidden in so many of the foods we consume everyday.

Okay . . . listen up people . . . because this is important information . . .

You see . . . these "silent destroyers" called "lectins" . . . "increase" plasma cholecystokinin (CCK) levels, which "increases" the "weight" of the pancreas. This in turn, "increases" cells and damages the "pancreas". And all this distress to the body becomes worse when we eat and/or drink.

And guess what?. . . many people don't have any symptoms at the beginning of this process, therefore, don't know they have a problem until it's too late.

So if you have "diabetes", "pre-diabetes" or have a bacterial overgrowth . . . eating "lectins" . . . especially "peanuts" . . . may not be the avenue you want to take for better health.

And tomorrow, we'll talk about some more "harmful foods" for promoting "diabetes".

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