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Diabetes - continued

So yesterday . . . we spoke about what diabetes is and how it affects the body.

Well today . . . we're going to talk about how to be an "out of the box" thinker when it comes to this debilitating disease.

So we left off yesterday needing a solution.

Well . . . as we now know from previous Health Tips . . . when "bad" bacteria in our body grows fast and out of control . . . it can affect the "pancreas" negatively. And when there's a bacterial overgrowth . . . leaky gut facilitates the translocation of "bad" bacteria and toxins (ethanol) from the "intestines" to the "pancreas".

This now causes a "pancreatic" inflammation, which as time goes on if not treated . . . can cause "pancreatitis".

Now . . . remember yesterday . . . we spoke of the destruction of pancreatic cells in "type 1" diabetes.

Well . . . this translocation of bacteria and toxins (ethanol) to the "pancreas" are a "major factor" as to why pancreatic cells become damaged and we end up with "type 1 diabetes".

So the connection between a "bacterial overgrowth", "ethanol" and "diabetes" is this . . .

The "pancreas" produces "enzymes" that help digestion and the hormone "insulin" . . . that helps to regulate the way the body processes sugar (glucose) for cell energy.

And if this bacterial overgrowth is causing "inflammation" (which it will) in the pancreas, it will disrupt the hormone "insulin". And as I said . . . this "inflammation" of the "pancreas" is now called "pancreatitis".

Now . . . when this" inflammation" occurs from an overgrowth of "bad" bacteria . . . this bacteria releases a toxic byproduct called "Ethanol" which we've spoken of many times before. This now becomes "chronic pancreatitis".