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"Diabetes" - why do so many have it?

So the other day we spoke of the benefits of eating "broccoli" everyday. Well, today let's continue on. I know some people don't like eating veggie, but people with type 2 diabetes could greatly benefits from raw broccoli.

Okay . . . let's break it down.

As we know . .. "diabetes" is a disease in which blood glucose or blood sugar levels are "too" high. We've spoken of this before. With glucose coming from the food we eat.

Now . . . "Insulin" is a hormone that helps the glucose get into the cells to give them energy. Insulin is our sugar "regulator".

Okay . . . so where does this "insulin" come from?

That would be the "pancreas", which is located behind the stomach.

Now . . . we know without insulin, the cells can't get enough energy from the food we eat. At this time, the body's immune system attacks the insulin-producing beta cells in the "pancreas". The beta cells become damaged and over time . . . the pancreas stops producing enough insulin to meet the body's needs. This is type 1 diabetes.

With type 2 diabetes being more common . . . the difference is this:

Type 1 - the body "doesn't" produce insulin due to a "damaged" pancreas

Type 2 - the body "does" produces insulin, but doesn't "respond" to insulin as well as it should

So known as the common "lifestyle disease", Diabetes is associated with high blood pressure, an excess of sugar and the inability to heal properly which can cause anxious, fatigue and weakness, frequent urination, increased thirst, always feeling hungry, blurry vision, patches of dark skin, tingling, numbness or pain in the hands or feet and even becoming incoherent.

Science says . . . chronic inflammation of the pancreas can damage the cells that produce insulin. And that pancreatitis and type 2 diabetes share some of the same risk factors.

Okay . . . so my theory to "diabetes" is this . . .

Remember I've spoken many times about the "Silent Destroyers" and "miscommunicators" we consume every day? Well . . . this enemy of the body not only affects the intestines, blood and every organ and hormone in the body . . . it also especially affects the pancreas, with one of the biggest offender of these "silent destroyers" being "peanuts"!!!!

That's right people "peanuts" . . . and peanuts or peanut oil is in so many thing we consume every day.

These "silent destroyers" increase plasma cholecystokinin (CCK) levels, which increases the "weight" of the pancreas. This in turn, increases cells and damages the pancreas which can cause pain in the upper abdomen or pain in the back and feet - with all these symptoms becoming worse when we eat and/or drink. This can cause "pancreatitis".

And guess what?. . . many people don't have any symptoms at all, therefore, don't know they have a problem until it's too late.

So when the pancreas becomes "inflamed", it now has the potential of cell destruction and damaging itself.

How does this relate to "diabetes"?

Well . . . when the pancreas isn't functioning properly . . . it can't produce the hormone "insulin" properly or when the pancreas is damaged . . . "Boom" we now have "diabetes"!

So let's back up for a moment and finish talking about "broccoli".

Broccoli is a great source of the phytochemical called "glucosinolate" which converts to "isothiocyanates" (this has anti-pancreatic cancer properties). So broccoli aids in healing and keeping the pancreas healthy so "insulin" is produced correctly and therefore, diabetes isn't an issue.

And as I stated the other day . . . broccoli contains "sulforaphane" an antioxidant which limits the glucose production in the liver in people with diabetes. It also helps improve glucose tolerance and regulate fasting blood glucose, especially in diabetics.

Another way to help the pancreas is by triggering it to regenerate itself through a type of fasting called "intermittent fasting". I did a Health tip a while back on this kind of fasting and its benefits.

So raw fresh organic "broccoli" is a win, win . . . so get your green on today.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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