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"Digestive Enzymes" - continued

So today . . . let's continue . . .

Now . . . we've spoken many times in the past about "leaky gut", which is when large holes or cracks in the small intestinal walls allow partially digested food, toxins, "bad" bacteria, lectins and human waste to get into the bloodstream causing miscommunication in our nerves and organs which can cause autoimmune diseases.

This in turn . . . triggers the immune system to send out "inflammation" which changes and even depletes the "good" bacteria in our body.

And proper amounts of "digestive enzymes" in the digestive tract can break down the large proteins and bacteria that damage the gut lining.

Okay . . . so one very important factor to a healthy gut is this . . .

Did you know that the average American carries between 5 - 20 extra pounds of "poop" in their intestines???

And these are pounds of built up, undigested food stuck on our intestinal tract.

So how do we fix this problem???

Well . . . taking "compliant" probiotics and "compliant" digestive enzymes will help to shed the built up extra pounds of "poop".

So the next question we need to ask is this . . .

What foods are high in "digestive enzymes" and how do we know what "enzymes" we need for what food???

Well . . . tomorrow we'll discover the possibilities

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