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Do we live in an "illusion of time"?

Albert Einstein once said . . . "Time is an illusion". Time is relative and flexible, and the dividing line between past, present and future "is an illusion". So reality is ultimately timeless . . .

He also said . . . your version of reality is just your way of perceiving things. It has nothing to do with the actual truth.

So my question for today is this . . . are we all just an illusion in time? Do we live in an age that is "nothing but perception"?

This biggest illusion in life is that we respond as human beings to our external environment, rather than to the thinking in our own minds And the way we process this external information becomes our beliefs and our perceptions. This meaning . . . that we put our trust and beliefs in things and events that now become our factors that determine our behavior.

You see . . . every decision you make in your life isn't made "only" by you . . . your surroundings and circumstances affect you and how you make your decisions.

Everything you do, every decision you make about "YOU" . . . is a direct result of the influence of your surrounding . . . therefore "yourself" is just an "illusion".

So my question is . . . Whether it be current events or your health . . . are we being true to ourselves?

Unfortunately . . . we have become a product of our environment. We eat as we're told from advertisements . . . we take what the pharmaceutical companies are selling . . . and we rely on controlled science for the information about our health.

So when did we stop being the "keeper" of our "own" domain?

When did we just become an "illusion" of the person we "truly" are?

I believe it's time to start being the person we were meant to be . . . not the person that we think our environment wants us to be.

Let's use this virus as an example because we're being told it's going to be around for a long time. Or is it? Could this just be an "illusion in time"?

You see . . . this is just what we're told. And maybe that's true . . . I'm not the one to say.

But . . . I think we as a human race put too much value in the words of others. Again, allowing us to be an "illusion" of our own "true" self.

Over the past 100 Health Tips, I've given you information about many diseases and illnesses with natural ways to heal them . . . all to inform you so you can use your own "internal dialogue" to make choices that are correct for you. These Health Tips are to "empower" you . . . "not" to be just an "illusion" in time, but rather to stand strong for your "convictions" not your "perceptions".

Tomorrow we'll talk about what part of this virus is an "illusion" and what is not.

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