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Do you know someone that can do this?

The other day we spoke about "diverticulitis" and the reason that many people have it.

And that "undigested" food in the intestine can cause an infection that gets trapped in intestinal pouches.

So today , , , let's talk about the connection between "undigested" food and poop that stinks too much.

Now . . . the "gastrocolic reflex" is a normal reaction of the body. When food hits your stomach, the body releases certain hormones. These hormones tell the colon to contract to move food through the large intestine and out of the body.

Stool is made up of "undigested" food, bacteria, mucus and dead cells. And it normally smells due to this combination of elements. But it can also have compounds that produce an especially "unpleasant smell".

If you have very strong foul, pungent smelling poop and this happen just once in awhile . . . it's most likely due to something that you ate.

But . . . if that smell is consistent day in and day out . . .

It could be something more serious. Such as an infection, food poisoning or the 3 elements we spoke of the other day.

"Dehydration", "undigested" food and "lack of good bacteria".

As I mentioned the other day . . . when we don't clear our bowel of food waste , , , it can cause many different issues. Everything from constipation to diverticulitis to a foul-smelling bowel movement. And yes . . . even c0lon cancer.

"Malabsorption is another common cause of foul-smelling stool. Malabsorption occurs when the body is unable to absorb the proper amount of nutrients from the food we eat. This generally occurs when there's an "infection" or disease that prevents the intestines from absorbing nutrients from the food we eat.

It can also occur due to gluten intolerance, food allergies, lactose intolerance, IBD, Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

Another element is lack of sleep . . .

Believe it or not . . . "sleep quality" and GI symptoms such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea are all connected. Lack of proper sleep affect our hormones. Remember above I said that specific hormones tell our colon to contract and move food waste through the large intestine and out of the body?

Well . . . if this process doesn't happen . . . then the colon doesn't contract and undigested food just sits in the bowel and when it finally is eliminated . . . it stinks bad.

So if your bowel movement makes the rest of the family want to leave the house . . .

You need to make sure your body is absorbing nutrients, you're hydrated, getting enough "good" bacteria and getting enough "uninterrupted" sleep.

So remember, replenishing our "good" bacteria is key to a healthy colon, bowel movement and normal stink!

As always, feel free to contact me here.

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