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Do you know what the "Limbic System" is?

So today I'd first like to say . . . I missed writing to you all. And I hope you're all well!

Okay, so let's get down to business. I tried hard not to watch the news this week . . . but it just seemed to be everywhere.

So in light of current events . . . there's a system in the brain called the "Limbic" system and it's a set of structures that deal with emotions, memory, learning and arousal (or stimulation). It regulates autonomic function (that's the involuntary or unconscious act of the nervous system) or endocrine function (this is relating to glands which secrete hormones or other products directly into the blood) in response to emotional stimuli and also is involved in reinforcing behavior.

This system is so very important because it "controls" certain behaviors such as being happy, sad, afraid/surprised, and "angry/disgusted.

Over time, chronic stress can activate the "limbic system" in a way that damages parts of the body. Now . . . these emotions from the "limbic system" are narrowed down to five basic feelings that are each associated with a corresponding element and organ in the body.

Sadness/grief- are associated with the "lungs"

Anger - is associated with the "liver"

Joy - is with the "heart"

Worry - is with the "spleen"

Fear - is with the "kidneys"

So as an example in today's situation . . . If someone is experiencing and expressing "anger" . . . he or she is putting stress on the "liver" and not using the "thinking" part of the brain which is the "cortex", but rather the emotional part which is the "limbic" center of the brain.

In other words . . . that person is running strictly off emotion from the "limbic" center and is not using the thinking "logical" part of the brain. You see . . . the "cerebral cortex" of the brain is responsible for higher thought processes which is associated with "logical" and "analytical" thinking.