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Do you use "Cumin"?

Today we're going to talk about this little seed that can aid in "weight loss"

"Cumin" seeds are actually an herb, not a spice . . . and contain naturally occurring substances that work as antioxidants for optimal health.

They have anticancer properties, can help treat diarrhea, control blood sugar, help lower cholesterol, are an anti-inflammatory, can help control diabetes, and can help to fight the "bad" bacteria I'm always talking about.

And guess what???

That little seed can also aid in weight loss . . . How you ask???

Well . . . if you've downloaded any of my "Meal Plan" programs, then you know I use "cumin" seeds in many of my recipes . . . why???

Because . . . they have the ability to help the body burn calories from the belly as well as the whole body. And this is due to increasing the speed of the body's metabolism and improving digestion.

They have the ability to break down sugars, fats and carbohydrates that can keep the gut healthy. All this by increasing the activity of digestive enzymes, which speeds up digestion and increases the release of bile from the liver.

So adding this herb to your diet, can be very beneficial to your health and weight.

NOTE: this is another herb that can also act as a blood thinner and can slow blood clotting in some people taking medications. So please, as always check with your own healthcare provider before using any herbs.

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