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Does "Glyphosate" have a connection to this "Virus"

So my question for today is this . . . Is there a connection between "glyphosate" and this "virus"???????

Okay . . . so first let's talk about what "glyphosate" is . . .

"Glyphosate" is a synthetic (manmade) amino acid that is the most widely "biocide" used on the "planet". And its presence in our food consumption and animal feed is found everywhere!!!!

Simply said . . . "glyphosate" is an herbicide that is applied to the leaves of plants to kill both broadleaf plants and grasses. It's the most widely used "pesticide", and Americans have applied 1.8 million tons of "glyphosate" on their gardens and grass since its introduction in 1974.

And the reason the founding company and/or FDA approves this deadly chemical . . . is due to the fact that "pure" glyphosate" claims to be low in "toxicity" . . .

But, the problem is this . . . other companies purchase this ingredient and mix "glyphosate" with other ingredients that help "glyphosate" get into the plants.

And this . . . now makes "glyphosate" very, very toxic!

So what does "glyphosate" do to the human body?

Well . . . products containing "glyphosate" can cause eye or skin irritations. If you breathe in this chemical, it can irritate the nose and throat. And by chance someone gets some in their mouth . . . it will increase saliva, burn the mouth and throat, and cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

That doesn't sound deadly . . . right???

Wrong . . . the International Agency for Research on Cancer categorizes "glyphosate" as a probable "carcinogen" for humans.<