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Does "Poison Ivy" love you?

Okay . . . so why do we get "Poison Ivy"?

Well . . . Poison Ivy has a component called "Urushiol oil" on all parts of this plant. We're not born with a sensitivity to it, but you can become sensitize to Urushiol over time. When you're first exposed to this oil, your body usually signals your immune system to recognize it as an irritant and the process of inflammation, histamine and antibodies (we spoke about them in a previous Health Tip) go into action. This is why some people seem to be immune to Poison Ivy when they first encounter it. Their immune system was doing its job correctly.

However . . . about 85% of Americans have a weakened immune system and therefore, become allergic to the "Urushiol oil" on the Poison Ivy plant.

Now, the rash that results from the poison plant is a form of allergic contact "dermatitis".

And "Dermatitis" is caused by an "immune system dysfunction"!

So simply said , . . fix the Immune system and you will be less apt to have an allergic reaction to Poison plants.

Now what can help relieve the effects of the Urushiol? Well . . . that would be a natural anti-inflammatory like "Ginger". So next time try getting some "Ginger oil" and sooth your skin.

WE NEED TO RE-BUILD OUR "IMMUNE SYSTEM" PEOPLE and we wouldn't have half the ailments that we do!!!!

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