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Don't skip a meal

Okay . . . so continuing our conversation about "how to control our eating during the holidays"

Skipping meals . . . is a big NO, NO!

Now . . . remember a few days ago we spoke about doing a short "intermittent fasting" to jump start the fat burning process and give our digestive tract a well needed break from digesting all the difficult foods we present to it?

And remember I said, this kind of fasting should be done "no more" than 2 days at a time . . .

Well . . . this is why

When you skip meals on a regular basis . . . you miss out on essential nutrients for weight loss and optimal health.

That just makes sense . . . right?

Well . . . it also causes the body to "lower" its "metabolism".

And our "metabolism" . . . as we know . . . is how much energy the body needs to function properly to lose weight.

Now . . . when our "metabolism" is running slow on a regular basis . . . it causes the body to burn "less" energy and therefore, "fewer" calories. Which leads to gaining weight.

Okay . . . so moving on . . . remember the other day when I told you that the body can think it's "starving" when you don't eat. And with this . . . it goes into "survival mode"???

Well . . . when this happens, the brains sends out a "MAYDAY" call to the "survival" hormone called "Ghrelin to eat more food.

But unfortunately . . . the food we choose is "empty calorie" food because we skipped a meal and NOW we could eat the house.

Well . . . the American Journal of Epidemiology found that people who cut out a meal are 4 1/2 times more likely to become "obese".

Okay . . . so what are some of the signal telling us we're "not" eating enough or the "right" food choices???

Well . . . we would feel . . . fatigue, become ill more frequently, loss our hair, feel cold constantly, have reproductive difficulties, skin problems and depression.

So moral of this story is this . . . unless we're doing an "intermittent 2 day fast" . . . we MUST eat 3 meals a day to "LOSE WEIGHT"

And tomorrow, we'll talk about eating "compliant" snacks

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