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"Dopamine" and "Addiction"

Okay . . . so yesterday we discovered that dieting isn't hard because we're doing the wrong one or we have no willpower . . .

It's hard because our brain and its chemicals are working against us.

So the next question we need to ask is this . . .

How do the chemicals "endorphin" and "dopamine" become unbalanced in the first place???

Well . . . other than the reason we spoke of yesterday . . . sugary, fatty foods . . .

There's another reason . . .

We've all heard about "lectins" before and I've done several Health tips on them.

Well . . . as we now know . . . lectins are called the "miscommunicator".

And one of the functions of the body that these lectins mess up . . . are the chemicals of the brain.

So now you're not only craving sugary, fatty foods . . .

We're also craving lectins like potatoes. and the grains in pastas, breads and pastries.

When we eat foods high in lectins . . . just like sugar . . . it causes "dopamine" levels to surge . . . putting the brain into overdrive and craving even more food.

And we now are overeating.

And then add to that mix . . . what lectins do to our hormones. We don't have a chance of losing weight.

Just for an example because we'll talk more about this later . . . due to lectins being a miscommunicator . . . they have the ability to increase hormones like the "cortisol" hormone causing fatigue, depression, insomnia and "CRAVINGS".

And remember from previous Health tips . . . the hormone "cortisol" is also called the . . .

"Belly Fat Producer"

So it's a never ending circle . . .

Until . . . we stop the process . . .

And to do that we need to start from the beginning.

So tomorrow we'll break it down.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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