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"E" is for "Elimination Protocol"

Okay . . . so the final part of my formula to losing weight and optimal health is the letter "E" in the word LOVE.

"E" is for elimination protocol.

Now . . . yesterday we spoke about "bad" bacteria running amuck in our body. And to correct our body's "internal dialogue" we must eliminate these bad guys.

You see . . . believe it or not . . . there are specific "bad" guys in our body that inhibit us from being able to lose weight.

They settle in our small intestine and our stomach and cause our hormones to over react, our brain to malfunction, our oxygen levels to be low, premature aging to set in and the inability to "lose weight".

So this is a must to eliminate these demons that lurk deep within us.

This whole process of gaining weight and struggling to lose it . . . all started because our "good" bacteria was depleted allowing these "bad" guys to take control of our weight, health and life.

Tomorrow I'll tell you exactly what happens to the body.

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