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"E" is for "ELIMINATION" Protocol

Good Morning, my favorite people . . . hope you all had an awesome weekend and relaxing "Mother's Day" . . .

So, this week is the "last" week of my "formula" to optimal health . . .

And the last step . . . is STEP #4 . . . the letter "E" for "ELIMINATION PROTOCOL"

Now . . . we've already figured out that we need the body's "lymphatic system" functioning properly to get rid of the toxins and waste "ONCE" we "kill" them. . .

We then . . . found out to "kill" the "bad" bacteria in the body . . . we "MUST" make it "OXYGEN RICH" . . . because as we now know . . . illness, disease, obesity and yes, even "cancer" . . . "CAN ONLY" live in an "OXYGEN DERIVED" environment.

And last week we discovered . . . to "win" the "battle of disease and weight issues . . . and "heal" the body . . .

We "MUST" have a "strong" army of defense for the "immune system" . . . and that would be adding "probiotics" to our "good" bacteria.

So, this week . . . is about setting up a "protocol" of defense.

It's about figuring out how to "KILL" the "overgrowth" of "bad" bacteria that causing disease and weight issues in our body.

And to do that . . . we need to understand the fundamentals of this "protocol".



And sleep

Now . . . in response to infections, weight issues, disease and "bad" bacteria . . . a healthy "immune system" . . . "SHOULD" spring into action to fix the body . . .

That's "if" the immune system "ISN'T" compromised.

And with this . . . the immune system's "army" of white blood cells, antibodies and other mechanisms "should" work together to "RID" the body of it's discomfort.

This is where "VITALISM" comes into play . . . remember we spoke about that before.

That's the act of the body's "SELF-HEALING" . . . "VITAL FORCE" . . . and "VITAL ENERGY"!

I gave you the example of when the body if "fighting" off something . . . the body reacts with a low-grade fever. That would be "vitalism".

So, the question is this . . . how do we "help" the body and its immune system "defend" itself???

And that's where an "elimination protocol" comes into play.

So, let's take the next couple of days and talk about some "natural" ways to "eliminate" bad bacteria, weight issues and disease.

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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