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"E" is for "Elimination Protocol" - continued

Today . . . let's talk about some of the things we can do to to start the "ELIMINATION" process.

First . . . we need to start with this to-do list . . .

Lower the stress level in your life

Get enough sleep

Eat slowly

Stay hydrated

Take a "PRE" biotics with a meal

Take "PRO biotics between meals or before bed on an empty stomach

Check for food intolerances

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet . . . which is high in rich fibers

Eliminate "SUGAR" from you diet . . . because "SUGAR" is "bad" bacteria's, weight issues, disease and "CANCER'S" main food source.

Also "eliminate" . . .

Processed foods

Dairy products

Fried foods

Red meats

Artificial sweeteners


"All" of these elements "FEED" bad bacteria and disease!!!

Okay . . . so what else can we do for a good "elimination" protocol???

Well . . . drinking healthy teas like . . .

Green tea

Ginger tea

Lemongrass tea

Peppermint tea

Fennel tea

Turmeric tea

Or . . . warm water . . .

Why you ask???

Well . . . they all work as "anti-inflammatories".

And why is this important???

Well . . . I've told you in that past . . . "bad" bacteria, weight issues and disease . . . cause the body's defense system to send out "inflammation" to try and "correct" the issue???

And when there's too much "inflammation" sent out . . . it can actually make the issue "worse" . . .

So, drinking any of these teas or warm water . . . will actually help to "control" the overload of "inflammation" in the body.

And this will help the process of "elimination".

"Intermittent fasting" is another good way to jump start the process of "elimination".

So, tomorrow . . . let's continue with one of "my" favorites . . .

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