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Eat "compliant" healthy snacks

Okay . . . so now you ask . . . what is a "compliant" snack???

And is snacking "compliant"???

Well . . . a "compliant" snack is a food choice that is "nutritional sound" NOT "nutritionally void with empty calories".

And even though snacking has developed a "bad image" . . . snacks can actually be an important part of the diet.

You see . . . they can provide energy in the middle of the day or when you exercise.

And if you're eating "compliant" snacks . . . and don't go over your maximum daily caloric intake . . . "snacking" is a good thing.

However . . . if your "snacking" takes you over your daily caloric needs . . . you will gain weight.

Okay . . . so what kind of "snacks" are best for optimal health and losing weight???

Well . . . that would be . . . "protein" snacks because many leave out the sugar, bad carbohydrates and the extra calories. And as we know . . . a diet high in protein and low in processed "empty calorie" foods can reduce body fat, lower high cholesterol and even help to manage type 2 diabetes.


Simply said . . . "protein" boosts the body's metabolism" . . .

And we just spoke about how important it is to keep our "metabolism" revved up to lose weight.

And with this . . . you physically, mentally and emotionally . . . feel better. You'll feel less sluggish and tired and have more energy. Other good "compliant" snacks would be fruits and vegetable, which we'll talk about another day.

But one of my favorite "compliant" snacks is . . .

Almond butter, Hemp seed Cookies

Ingredients: makes 12 cookies

¾ cup of smooth, unsweetened almond butter

3 teaspoons Yacon syrup

1 large cage-free egg

⅓ cup of hemp seeds

1 teaspoon real vanilla extract

¼ teaspoon Pink Himalayan salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper


In a large bowl, combine almond butter, Yacon syrup and egg. Mix well

Then stir in hemp seeds

Add vanilla and salt

Mix well

Roll into small balls and place them on the parchment paper lined cookie sheet

Flatten each cookie with a fork

Sprinkle with additional Hemp seeds

Bake 12 minutes

Cool 10 minutes and serve

Simple as that . . . they're "yummy" and high in "protein" due to the almonds, hemp seeds and eggs.

They contain no sugar . . . but my kids LOVE them.

You couldn't ask for a better, healthy "complaint" snack.

So choose your snacks wisely People . . .

Tomorrow we'll talk about "GREENS"

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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