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Eat "more" and "lose" weight!

When we're in "diet mode" . . . it's scary to think about "eating more" isn't it???

And that's because we've been trained by the "dieting industry" . . . that to lose weight . . . we need to eat "less" . . . not "more". This kind of thinking about eating "more" . . . goes against everything we've been taught about dieting.

BUT . . . eating "more" healthy food actually "increases" the body's "metabolism" and with this . . . the body will end up losing more "fat", while retaining its muscle . . .

You see . . . when we do diets that restrict "too many" calories . . . the body actually burns "muscle mass" . . . NOT . . . "fat mass". So you do lose weight . . . just not the right kind of weight.

And what most dieters don't realize . . . is that cutting "too many" calories can actually "stall" the weight loss process of losing "fat mass".

You see . . . the body actually needs "calories" to "burn" calories. And the normal function of fat loss is this . . . when we eat enough . . . the body first uses food for fuel . . . but then . . . the body turns to its stored "fat" that its been holding onto for a rainy day. This rainy day fat is our stored, extra fat and now . . . gets used for fuel and burnt up.

But . . . when restricting calories "too severely" . . . as in most diets . . . the body goes into "starvation mode" and starts to break down "lean muscle tissue" to reserve its energy "fat" storage and save our stored "rainy day fat". This in turn . . . can "slow" the body's "metabolism" making it tougher to lose weight,

This is the body's defense mechanism so we don't "starve" to death.

We need to EAT people . . .

So the next question we need to ask ourselves is this . . .

Do you?????

Think about food all the time

Cut out meals and/or all your snacks

Skip breakfast

(For the ladies) miss getting your period often

Have PMS often

Get horrible headaches

Feel the need to nap often

Feel super irritable

Feel meals leave you totally unsatisfied

Feel hungry right after you've eaten and "should" be full

Or what about . . . constantly needing to binge eat, tired all the time, have digestive issues, are at a plateau and can't lose weight, depressed, memory just isn't what it should be, have major skin issues, don't heal quickly, eating fast foods or pre-measured foods, feeling cold all the time, always sick with something, a closet eater that is secretive about your diet and food choices or always having a bad hair day . . . due to thinning, brittle or dull looking hair.

Or what about someone that has made social behavior (eating and drinking) a priority over their health.

Well . . . these are all reasons that we need to correct our diet and eat more of the right food.

We must eat at least 3 meals per day . . . this will keep you full and reduce hunger.

You see . . . eating fewer than 3 meals puts the body at risk for overeating and choosing less healthy foods.

And guess what???

There are even foods that we can incorporate into our diet to help us suppress hunger for the "wrong" foods . . . you know like sugars, starches, alcohol, etc.

So we need to make eating about foods to "survive", nourish and heal the body so it can burn calories efficiently and lose the extra pounds.

Tomorrow we talk about "water" and "fat"

As always, feel free to contact me here

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