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"Eggnog" anyone?

You know what they say . . . you can't have Christmas without a little "eggnog".

So who knows where "eggnog" came from and how the tradition started?

Well . . . It's believed that "eggnog" began in Europe. And as early as the 13th century, medieval monks in Britain were known to drink "posset", a warm milk that was curdled with wine or ale added, made like a punch. The monks were known to drink a posset with eggs and figs.

As time progressed on . . . the wealthy took interest in this beverage and would drink this warm milk and egg mixture . . . but they would add pricey spices such as ground nutmeg and cinnamon. They also would add expensive liquors like brandy and sherry to keep it from spoiling. And when the drink passed to America . . . rum was used.

So why is "eggnog" only served at Christmas time???

Well . . . because somewhere in the history of eggnog . . . it became a festive drink and therefore became a tradition.

Sales of eggnog have quadrupled in the last 50 years, yet eggnog is only available 2 months our of the year. Why you ask???

Because dairy manufacturers claim it just doesn't sell. And demand for eggnog follows traditional consumption patterns that date back hundreds of years.

So . . . I guess the next question we need to ask is . . . is eggnog good or bad for us?

Well . . . like with any holiday traditions . . . too much is not a good thing . . .

And "eggnog" is no different because it's loaded with calories, fat and added sugar.

Another concern would be . . . it's made with raw eggs which could be a health risk.

So what is a traditional "eggnog" made of???

Well . . . that would be milk or cream, sugar, raw eggs, one or more alcoholic spirits and spices, often vanilla or nutmeg.

And why is this treat something you don't want to drink a lot of???

Well . . . "eggnog" is high in calories and saturated fat because of the whole milk and heavy cream. It's also loaded with sugar and then add to that the shot of rum and you're adding another 64 calories for a total of about 176 calories per serving.

So how much sugar is in a cup of eggnog???

Well . . . hold on to your horses people . . . that would be 20 grams in 1 cup of eggnog.

And 20 grams of sugar is = to almost 5 teaspoons in 1 little cup of eggnog.

And guess what??? The American Heart Association says . . .

Men should consume NO more than 9 teaspoons (36 grams or 150 calories) of added sugar per day.

And for women . . . 6 teaspoons ( 25 grams or 100 calories) per day.

So even though you might like a little nip of eggnog for the Christmas season . . .

Make it . . . JUST ONE . . . especially with all the other sweets we love so much.

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