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"Enzymes" and "Weight Loss"

So a common misconception of weight loss is this . . .

Many of us believe that we "can't" lose weight due to a "slow" metabolism. Whether it be because of age, illness or a hereditary aspect.

But actually . . . it's not the "slow" metabolism as to why we "can't" lose weight . . . it's actually the lack of adequate "enzymes" in the body.

You see . . . "digestive enzymes" serve as catalysts for the metabolism and can increase the body's rate of "burn" . . .

"Enzymes" not only break down the food we eat . . . but they help eliminate excess "fat".

And eating poor food choices and processed food can cause the body to "reduce" the "production" of these "digestive enzymes", which in turn . . . will "slow" the body's metabolism down.

Now . . . how does this work you ask???

Well . . . adding sufficient "digestive enzymes" to the diet can help improve the body's ability to "absorb' nutrients.

And "more" nutrient power in the body . . . can help with "fat loss" by improving nutritional deficiencies and reducing hunger.

And to add to that . . . the more nutrients that are absorbed into the body . . . the better the body's hormones will function. Allowing our "Leptin" hormone to function properly and therefore . . . regulate how many calories the body can burn And in the digestive system . . . the hormone "leptin" . . . has the ability to regulate immune responses, support cell growth and tissue repair and regulate glucose and lipid (fat) "metabolism".

So making sure we have enough "digestive enzymes" is a must to optimal health and weight loss.

And tomorrow we continue with more enlightening information.

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