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"Exercise" and "Weight Loss"

So how many of you exercise at home or go to the gym more than 3 times a week?

And how many of you believe you can't loss weight unless you do a strenuous cardiovascular workout?

Or how about . . . Why do we need to exercise at all???

Well . . . exercising boosts the brain chemical called "endorphins", which makes us feel more energized and increases oxygen levels in the blood.

Now . . . during exercise the body needs extra energy which it gets from "burning fat". This fat is released into the bloodstream, where it travels to the muscles to give them the energy they need. And this in turn . . . makes the muscles work better and helps "shrink" fat cells.

You see . . . exercise increases "fat oxidation" which reduces fat mass. And these fat deposits are eliminated through the byproducts of this fat metabolism. Which leaves the body . . . as sweat through the skin, pee from the kidneys, and carbon dioxide from the lungs when you exhale.

And we need this process to "burn calories" and lose weight.

Now . . . the problem with "intense" exercise is that sometimes we lose too much of this bodily fluid and their electrolytes, which can lead to moderate "dehydration".

And as we know from previous Health tips . . . we as a society are "normally" dehydrated due to this Western diet we love so much.

Now . . . add to that sweating out too many electrolytes when we over exercise to lose weight. And it now becomes even "harder" to accomplish our mission of a fit and trim body.

Simply put . . . when the body is dehydrated . . . it slows down all the chemical reactors in the body which can affect the rate at which the body "burns calories" for energy, which can then lead to a greater difficulty losing weight.

So to lose th