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"Fibromyalgia" and a "Deficiency"

So yesterday we discovered what "fibromyalgia" is and that controlling our "inflammation" with an "anti-inflammatory" diet can help to relieve some aggravated pain.

But today . . . we're going to explore the possibility that "fibromyalgia" may actually be a symptom of a "deficiency" in the body.

You see . . . since "fibromyalgia" is an illness that affects the muscles and joints and is a "MIND-BODY" disorder . . . a diet "rich" in nutrients should ease some of the symptoms.

And "potassium" . . . which we just spoke of . . . may fit that bill . . . why you ask???

Well . . . it's one of the "most important" nutrients for healthy muscles, joints, "nerves" and "brain".

And as we know . . . "fibromyalgia" is the second most common rheumatic disorder behind "osteoarthritis . . . and is now considered to be a lifelong "central nervous system" disorder.

And . . . "potassium" helps the "nerves" in our "central nervous system" . . . "fire" properly when stimulated. And this happens due to "electrical signals" that go from cell to cell. So, as part of the nervous system . . . the brain needs amble amounts of "potassium" so our "nerves" are "firing" properly.

Okay . . . now "potassium" also has the ability to aid in muscle and joint health because it's one of the main nutrients our "cells" use for this process. Therefore . . . "potassium" is "essential" for the body.

And remember I said the other day, that 98% of Americans are "potassium" deficient???

And with a "deficiency" . . . muscle, joint and nerve function . . . will not work correctly.

So . . . do "I" think one element is responsible for the suffering of "fibromyalgia" . . . No!