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"Fibromyalgia" and a "Deficiency"

So yesterday we discovered what "fibromyalgia" is and that controlling our "inflammation" with an "anti-inflammatory" diet can help to relieve some aggravated pain.

But today . . . we're going to explore the possibility that "fibromyalgia" may actually be a symptom of a "deficiency" in the body.

You see . . . since "fibromyalgia" is an illness that affects the muscles and joints and is a "MIND-BODY" disorder . . . a diet "rich" in nutrients should ease some of the symptoms.

And "potassium" . . . which we just spoke of . . . may fit that bill . . . why you ask???

Well . . . it's one of the "most important" nutrients for healthy muscles, joints, "nerves" and "brain".

And as we know . . . "fibromyalgia" is the second most common rheumatic disorder behind "osteoarthritis . . . and is now considered to be a lifelong "central nervous system" disorder.

And . . . "potassium" helps the "nerves" in our "central nervous system" . . . "fire" properly when stimulated. And this happens due to "electrical signals" that go from cell to cell. So, as part of the nervous system . . . the brain needs amble amounts of "potassium" so our "nerves" are "firing" properly.

Okay . . . now "potassium" also has the ability to aid in muscle and joint health because it's one of the main nutrients our "cells" use for this process. Therefore . . . "potassium" is "essential" for the body.

And remember I said the other day, that 98% of Americans are "potassium" deficient???

And with a "deficiency" . . . muscle, joint and nerve function . . . will not work correctly.

So . . . do "I" think one element is responsible for the suffering of "fibromyalgia" . . . No!

But what I "do" think is this . . .

Due to the Western diet we consume, the antibiotics we are prescribed so freely, the birth control pills we've used (and this may be one of the reasons more women get this disorder than men), the coffee and alcohol we love, the over-the-counter and prescription drug we take, the overwhelming "stress" in our life's . . . and the "lack" of nutritional value of our food choices . . . meaning this Western diet . . .

Our immune system becomes compromised . . .

At this point . . . the "good" to "bad" ratio of bacteria shifts . . . and "bad" now takes over the "good" . . . leaving our health wide open for illness, disease and yes . . . even trauma.

When the body is at this point . . . it can allow a physical or emotional trauma to act "poorly" within the body . . . and as a result . . . miscommunication between the brain and body could now cause "fibromyalgia"

Now . . . due to lack of proper nutrition from this Western diet, constantly offering the body "inflammatory" foods . . . and lack of consuming essential minerals such as "potassium" and "magnesium" . . . the brain and body are now in disarray . . . and our immune system is desperately trying to "fix" it . . . and with this . . . it sends out even more "inflammation" agitating this disorder.

So what's "my" solution to "fibromyalgia"???

Well . . . that would be . . . eating an "anti-inflammatory" diet that reduces "lectins" and adds more "potassium-rich" foods . . . and re-arming the body with "good" bacteria.

This is "my" theory and solution to this disorder . . . why you ask???

Well . . . due to many years ago having a compromised immune system and a physical trauma . . . leaving me with "fibromyalgia" symptoms . . . and I actually thought for several years . . . I was getting "Multiple Sclerosis".

But . . . correcting my body's "internal dialogue" with specific enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, active cultures and an "anti-inflammatory" diet . . . I was able to solve that problem . . . at least for me.

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