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Final comment about Diabetes

So yesterday we spoke about the connection between a bacterial overgrowth and diabetes. Well . . . today we're going to talk about an "out of the box" way to help fix it.

Now . . . This is just my opinion . . . but it seems to me that if we have a disease that in conferences the magnitude of people that diabetes does, don't you think there would be more diverse research done?

There have been many studies and clinical trials done in alternative medicine and research (which by the way is out of the box thinking), that concludes there are several ways to reverse diabetes naturally.

What got me thinking and researching about this dilemma of diabetes . . . is the fact that a bacterial overgrowth is at the root of this illness and as we now know from previous Health Tips that this bad bacteria is also at the root of weight issues. Well, 35+ years ago when I owned a Health Club . . . my mission was obviously to help my clients lose weight. Well, I did a lot of research back then and found that there was a component of the body that was lacking which allowed this bad bacteria to fester and grow out of control allowing weight issues and many other health issues to occur.

Well, there have been many "recent" studies and research done on this component that confirm replacing "metal nano-particles" in the body will kill the bad bacteria, therefore, allowing the pancreas to heal and "insulin" to stabilize.

Now these "metal nano-particles" are essential to the human body and we "should" get them from the food we eat. BUT . . . with this Western diet we love so much . . . we do not get anywhere near enough of them.

And these "metal nano-particles" have exhibited a profound "anti-diabetic" activity!

What these nano-particles do is "mop up" free radicals that are in excessive numbers in diabetic patients which damages the pancreas. They also "inhibit" the activity of enzymes that tend to "increase" blood sugar levels through the digestion of carbohydrates, which aid in glucose (sugar) uptake.

And guess what? . . . This research has shown that these "nano-particles" exhibit better anti-diabetic activity than the popular anti-diabetic drugs on the market today.

So once again . . . these "nano-particles" have been demonstrated by SCIENCE to "inhibit" the activity of the specific enzymes related to excessively high levels of sugar in the blood. And guess what . . . with no adverse side effect like conventional diabetic treatments have!

So . . . my question is . . . why hasn't conventional medicine taken this ball and run with it to give diabetics some relief and a cure????

Simply said . . . because these nano-particles are a part of nature in the soil and an intricate part of the human body. Therefore, no one can hold a "patent" on it and there's "NO" money to be made in big business or in the pharmaceutical industry.

And the sad part is because of this no more research (on a conventional level) will be done to help us.

I've personally used these nano-particles for over 30 years as a natural antibiotic, antiviral and antibacterial. And will stand behind this research.

If you'd like to set up a consultation with me for your own personal protocol and information on this element. feel free to contact me here.

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