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Fixing a "Protease Deficiency"

So today . . . let's talk about how to fix a "deficiency" in the enzyme called "protease".

Now . . . conventional medicine says . . . treatment for this deficiency includes . . . "enzyme replacement therapy, "antibiotics", laxatives and enemas.

This is "their" solution to this problem They also state eating a "high-calorie", "high-fat" diet will help to get the "nutrition" you need during this time.

Okay . . . this is SOOOOOO . . . very wrong.

Think about what you just read . . .

The replacement of "enzymes" is the only "good part" about that plan.

Because as we know . . . taking "antibiotics" KILLS our "good" bacteria . . . "laxatives" and "enemas" flush out what little "good" bacteria we "do" have left in the intestines . . . and eating a "high calories", "high fat" diet is never a "good" idea if we're not watching our omega 6 intake.

So let's back up for a moment and figure this out . . .

Remember the other day I said that a "lack" of "good" bacteria in the body allows "bad" bacteria to run amuck in the intestines???

Well . . . this also allows "lectins" in the food we eat to become "miscommunicators" with our "organs" like the "pancreas" . . . which causes "insulin issues" and even "pancreatitis" or "pancreatic cancer"

And when the "pancreas" isn't working correctly . . . it also won't produce enough of the "digestive enzyme" called "protease".