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Flushing the "lymphatic system"

So yesterday, we spoke about what the "lymphatic system" is . . .

And today, we continue with more need to know information about "lymphatic congestion" . . .

So the first question is this . . . how can we tell if this system in "NOT" working properly???

Well . . . you would notice elements like this . . .

Swelling in your fingers, feeling stiff and sore when you wake up in the morning, cold hands and feet, brain fog, chronic fatigue, depression, bloating, excess weight issues, food sensitivities, digestive issues, dry or itchy skin, sinus infections, frequent colds or flu, weakened immunity, enlarged lymph nodes, allergies, constipation, parasites or unexplained injury or illnesses.

You see . . . the "lymphatic system" is what moves the toxins away from our healthy cells . . . while transporting germ fighting "lymphocytes" and killer T-cells back to the healthy cells to attack foreign pathogens.

Now . . . the "lymphatic system" is unlike the system of the heart, where blood is "pumped" in and out. This system affects the defense system and the "homeostasis" system in the body.

With "homeostasis" being a stable "internal" environment in the body, while maintaining a stable pH level . . . even in an unstable "exterior" environment.

And if the "lymphatic system" becomes toxic with "bad" bacteria or "ethanol" . . . it will prevent cells from getting the nutrients they need for optimal health.

Meaning . . . a diet high in processed and refined foods . . . along with the alcohol we consume . . . can promote "lymph congestion" and "obesity" . . . and over a period of time . . . this can promote a greater risk of getting "cancer".

So later we'll talk about how to get this system moving and flushing again . . .

But tomorrow, we'll continue with "lymph nodes" and their importance to better understand.

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