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"Happy Halloween"

So this weekend I threw a "Halloween" party for the "senior" housing where my mom lives.

She's "92" years young

Every holiday I throw a party and celebration for them . . . as "my" part of giving back to the community . . . and "completing the circle of life".

Many times . . . we find situations where the "elderly" are left "lonely".

And I get it . . . life these days seems to be such a busy place . . . that many times we just can't find the time to visit or communicate with them as often as we should.

So today . . . IS A REMINDER . . . whether the "elderly" in your life are family, friends or just an acquaintance . . . they need be acknowledged . . . they need your care . . . they need your love!

Even if it's just a "phone call".

We "all" communicate on our phones . . . EVERYDAY . . . we text, we message, we video chat, we Facebook, Instagram . . . the list goes on.

So why can't we pick up "that" phone and call the "elderly"???

Most of them don't have the knowledge of the technology we have today . . . so we need to actually use our phone to "call" them.

The "elderly" of today . . . were the ones that held the family firm and made us "strong". They've been our "mentors" due to all the "experiences" they've accumulated over the years.

They bring wisdom, calm, dependability and "unconditional love" to the ones in there fold.

They are . . . and have always been . . . an "important role model" for life and the community,

The "elderly" have spent their whole life "doing" for us . . . and in their "golden years" . . . it's time to "return" this "care".

As we all know . . . aging can't be prevented . . . but we the young . . . can help to make it easier for "them".

And "my" giving back . . . is about giving them some fun, laughter . . . and the opportunity to "feel young" again through these holiday parties.

So always remember . . .

All the "elderly" want in there "golden years" is "GOOD HEALTH" to allow them to have the feeling of freedom, independence and feeling "alive"

And "RELATIONSHIPS" . . . because strong connections to family and friends keep them from becoming "isolated" and "LONELY"

So please . . . spend time with our "elderly" . . . and "COMPLETE THE CIRCLE OF LIFE"!

It's our duty . . . it's our privilege . . . it's our right!

If there's anything in life that we need to learn . . . it's this . . .

Audrey Hepburn onc