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"Helping" a body "without" a "Gallbladder"

So today let's finish the topic of "how to help a body" that lacks a "gallbladder"

And let's discover the key element that conventional medicine may not of told us about.

Well . . . at least my doctor didn't tell me . . . even with being in and out of the hospital for 30 days having 3 surgeries . . . NOT ONCE did anyone tell me this little secret!

So first . . . let's better understand . . .

"Bile" that we've been talking about is made up of "bile salts", bilirubin and fats . . . and this "bile" is made in the liver and stored in the "gallbladder" until the body needs it for digestion.

You see . . . "bile" helps the body separate the "nutrients" we need . . . from the toxins and waste we don't . . . which are removed in our poop.

Okay . . . now listen up . . . because this is the "IMPORTANT" part to all of this.

"Bile salts" are a "primary" component of bile and are needed by the body to help break down fats, aid digestion, absorb important vitamins . . . and eliminate toxins from the body.

And with this . . . "bile salts" are stored in the "gallbladder" . . .


Well . . . simply said . . . we become "bile salt" DEFICIENT.

And therefore . . . CAN'T digest fats or many other foods correctly . . . leaving us in discomfort with bloating, indigestion, light colored stool, diarrhea, fatigue and nutrient deficiencies!!!

So it's "IMPERATIVE" that we take a supplement that contains "bile salts" with our meals that contain "fats" if we want a more "normal" life.

This is the part conventional medicine didn't tell me 14 years ago. I had to figure that out for myself . . .


And what happens if we remain "bile salt" deficient???

Well . . . it can "increase" the risk of forming kidney stones . . . or having Crohn's disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

BUT . . . as always, please consult your own healthcare provider before taking any new supplement.

NOW . . . if you're looking for some food that contains "bile salts" . . .

That would be . . .

Bitter foods because they stimulate "bile" production.

Also dark green leafy vegetables, beetroots, artichokes, pickles, roasted dandelion root tea, lemon tea or celery juice.

The other element to living a more "normal" life without a "gallbladder" would be . . .

Correcting the ratio of "good" to "bad" bacteria in the body . . . why you ask???

Well . . . this "bad" bacteria is the reason our "gallbladder" became dysfunctional in the first place.

And just because our "gallbladder" was removed . . . doesn't been the "bad" bacterial infection is gone.

And this is why many times we feel pain in our abdominal cavity especially where our "gallbladder" used to be.

So we need to replenish our "good" bacteria with a "compliant" probiotic to control the "bad" bacteria lurking deep within us.

Hope this info helps those in need.

Have a great weekend. Stay safe and be "mindful"

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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