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"Helping" a body "without" a "Gallbladder"

So today let's finish the topic of "how to help a body" that lacks a "gallbladder"

And let's discover the key element that conventional medicine may not of told us about.

Well . . . at least my doctor didn't tell me . . . even with being in and out of the hospital for 30 days having 3 surgeries . . . NOT ONCE did anyone tell me this little secret!

So first . . . let's better understand . . .

"Bile" that we've been talking about is made up of "bile salts", bilirubin and fats . . . and this "bile" is made in the liver and stored in the "gallbladder" until the body needs it for digestion.

You see . . . "bile" helps the body separate the "nutrients" we need . . . from the toxins and waste we don't . . . which are removed in our poop.

Okay . . . now listen up . . . because this is the "IMPORTANT" part to all of this.

"Bile salts" are a "primary" component of bile and are needed by the body to help break down fats, aid digestion, absorb important vitamins . . . and eliminate toxins from the body.

And with this . . . "bile salts" are stored in the "gallbladder" . . .


Well . . . simply said . . . we become "bile salt" DEFICIENT.

And therefore . . . CAN'T digest fats or many other foods correctly . . . leaving us in discomfort with bloating, indigestion, light colored stool, diarrhea, fatigue and nutrient deficiencies!!!