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Helping to protect us from "Ovarian Cancer"

Okay people . . . please LISTEN UP . . .

Yesterday, I said that "ethanol" was the root cause to "ovarian cancer" . . . or "ANY" cancer.

And this is why . . . as I stated the other day in my post about "Why do we get "CANCER" . . .

ETHANOL "destroys" our "enzymes" . . . remember we just spoke about "digestive enzymes" and our lack there of . . .

ETHANOL "impairs" the body's ability to "break down" and "absorb" these enzymes and nutrients . . .

ETHANOL "stops" the "absorption" of "iron" in the body . . . and "iron" is the most important "oxygen" support in the blood. And without ample support . . . disease and obesity will surely occur.

And DISEASE of "any" kind . . . even "CANCER" . . . can ONLY LIVE and OCCUR in an "OXYGEN DEPRIVED" environment.

And that's what "ETHANOL" does to the body. It DEPRIVES our cells of "OXYGEN"!

Okay . . . so this is gonna be a "TOUGH LOVE" kind of day . . .

All those cocktails, evening drinks, social drinks and drunken stupors we love so much . . . are adding to this problem!

Why you ask???

Well . . . because "ALCOHOL" . . . is the same thing as "ETHONAL" . . . SO STOP DRINKING PEOPLE!!!!

And I know . . . many of us are think . . . just one won't hurt right?

"INCORRECT" . . . because if you have an "overgrowth" of "bad" bacteria which most of us do, due to this Western diet . . . then you are just "ADDING" to and "FEEDING" the "bad" bacteria with the "ALCOHOL (ETHANOL) you consume.

Okay . . . so let's continue on with helping to protect us from "ovarian cancer"

There's a "flavonoid" called "Quercetin" . . . that's found in many plants and foods such as onions, green tea, apples and berries.

And it has "antioxidant" and "anti-inflammatory" effects that can help reduce swelling, control blood sugar levels, help to prevent heart disease and "kill" cancer cells.

"Quercetin" is known for its "antioxidant" activity in radical scavenging and "anti-allergic" properties by stimulating the immune system. Also for its "antiviral" activity, its control of histamine release and decrease of pro-inflammatory cytokines (cytokine storm).

And "quercetin" can inhibit "ovarian cancer" by its" anti-inflammatory", pro-oxidative, anti-proliferation, apoptosis induction and cell cycle arrest induction activities.

And best part . . . it has the ability to act as a "sensitizer" and protect our "non-cancer" cells from the side effects of currently used cancer therapies.

"Quercetin" is also good for "breast cancer" . . . due to inhibiting signal transduction, inducing cancer cell apoptosis and suppressing proliferation, invasion and metastases of tumor cells.

Okay . . . so where can we find "quercetin"???

Well . . . fruits and vegetables are the primary dietary source of "quercetin" . . .

And you can find this little powerhouse in citrus fruit like lemons . . . and in apples, "red" onions, parsley, sage, green tea, olive oil, red, purple or black grapes, dark cherries and dark berries like blueberries and blackberries, kale, tomatoes (skinned and deseeded), broccoli and scallions

So get your dark color fruits and veggies on today and help to prevent some cancer.

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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