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"Hormones" and "Weight Loss"

So today we talk about the important job of our hormones and what happens when "lectins" are allowed to interfere and cause miscommunication.

First up . . . the hormone called "Insulin" . . .

Now . . . Insulin is produced by the pancreas . . .

And "Insulin resistance" is triggered by the over consumption of "lectin" containing foods that "can not" be digested and eliminated correctly.

A good example would be . . . "lectins" in grains . . . especially WHEAT, because wheat wreaks havoc on the body's FAT cells by binding to insulin. And once this happens . . . lectins signal FAT cells to "STOP BURNING FAT" and "STORE EXTRA CALORIES AS FAT".

Next . . . the hormone called "Leptin" (not lectin)

"Leptin" is made by fat cells

And "Leptin" is our "hunger hormone" that DECREASES our appetite. It's our nighttime hormone for fasting that signals that we're full so we can sleep.

BUT . . . when "lectins" interfere . . . this leads to obesity because this "switch" is left "off" and we now . . . never feel full. Therefore . . . we're eating when we don't really need to.

Okay . . . next the hormone called "Ghrelin"

"Ghrelin" is released mainly from the stomach.