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"HOT FLASHES" - Help me please!

Okay . . . so the other day I had a request from a faithful follower to do a post on "HOT FLASHES".

So here we go . . .

First question . . . what do we "really" know???

Well . . . everyday in the U.S. . . . 6000 women enter the "HOT YEARS", which is at least 5 years when the body's estrogen level decreases.

And this can cause everything from mood swings and irritability to weight gain, vaginal dryness and "hot flashes".

And unfortunately . . . around 80% of American women experience these symptoms starting with perimenopause around the age of 45. And from start to finish of menopause . . . this may last from 5 - 10 years.

Now . . . conventional medicine says "hot flashes" occur from a decrease in "estrogen" levels. And with this . . . the body's glands release higher amounts of other hormones that affect the brain's thermostat

And BOOM . . . your body temperature rises and we now have a "hot flash".

They also tell us that avoiding caffeine, spicy foods and alcohol can help lessen both the number of "hot flashes" and their severity.

We've also been told that taking an estrogen replacement, plant estrogen such as isoflavones, vitamin D, C and B-9 (folate) can help to reduce those "hot flashes".

Well . . . that all may be true . . .

I personally never had the "hot flash" issue . . . but I did experience the cancer "night sweat", which actually believe it or not . . . is all relative. They're actually caused by the same thing . . .

But guess what . . . even though science is correct that when going through menopause the body's estrogen levels decreases . . . that's not really what is causing the "hot flash".

And tomorrow, we'll discover what is and talk about what the Alternative medicine world thinks.

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