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How "BAD" bacteria affects our "Weight"

Okay . . . so the other day we spoke about how our "intestines" are "supposed" to work.

We also found out what happens when "life gets in the way" due to environmental exposures, stress, eating habits, social behavior and the medications we take . . .

And that would be . . . all of these elements having a hand in killing the "good" bacteria in the body. Therefore . . . compromising our immune system and effecting our weight loss efforts.

So today . . . we're going to talk about what happens to the body when our "good" bacteria "does become" compromised and/or depleted.

Now . . . remember from our last Health tip . . . the correct function of the intestines . . .

Well . . . with that in mind . . . if the "bad" bacteria in the large intestine is "now" in control . . . it multiplies quickly (within hours) and attacks the "good" bacteria in the small intestine.

Remember, the "good" bacteria in the last part of the small intestine is called the "gatekeeper to optimal health" . . .

Well . . . if this "bad" bacteria now breaks through that "gate" and invades the "sterile" small intestine. We are now in trouble.

Life as we know it . . . has just changed.

So let's go over that scenario of the function of the intestines once again . . . but this time with "bad" bacteria running the show.

Okay . . . so we eat our food and it goes into the stomach to be ground up and passed through to the small intestine for further processing. Sounds normal so far . . .

But . . . the system of the small intestine now "fails" . . . due to the "bad" bacteria that has invaded that area of the body. We now have no protection from toxins, non-useable materials (human waste) or "LECTINS".

This waste and toxins . . . yes, even "lectins" . . . are NOT put in the waste category for the large intestine to eliminate as poop.

Why you ask???

Because "now" when "lectins" attach to the nutrients from the food we've eaten and are digesting . . . the "bad" bacteria allows these "lectins" to stay attached to the nutrients.

Do you see where I'm going with all this???

Well . . . stay with me . . .

Because when the nutrients do their normal thing of finding a tiny little hole in the small intestinal wall to pass through to the bloodstream to be dispersed to our cells for energy . . .

These "lectins" are not eliminated due to the invading "bad" bacteria . . . and the "lectins" are still attached to the nutrient . . . and with this . . . they rip a "big" hole in the wall lining of the small intestine and get into our bloodstream with the nutrients.

At this point, lectins are called the "hitchhikers" because they attach to our cells which affects "every" function in the body. Even "weight".

And if that wasn't bad enough . . . these now big holes in the small intestinal wall . . . now allows the toxins, non-useable material (which is basically human waste) and the "bad" bacteria that started this whole ball rolling in the first place . . . into our bloodstream affecting "every" function of the body.

And I mean everything . . . how we see, smell, think, mood . . . breathe, heart rhythm . . . digest, pee, poop . . . EVERYTHING!

At this point . . . this is now called "leaky gut", which causes all kinds of autoimmune disorders. And BOOM . . . you now have a negative reaction to lectins, glutens and other food intolerances.

And why you ask???

Well . . . because the immune system sees the toxins, human waste material, lectins and "bad" bacteria that's now "floating" in our bloodstream . . . as foreign invaders to the body . . . and rightly so . . .

The immune system is now put in a situation of constantly trying to eliminate them . . . giving us either allergic reactions or an autoimmune disorder because the immune system and its inflammation and histamine are working overtime to heal us.

But it can't!!!!

So what does this have to do with losing weight???

Well . . . as I stated a few days back . . . lectins are called the "miscommunicators" and if allowed to enter our bloodstream . . . they send miscommunication to our brain chemicals . . . "endorphin" and "dopamine" which cause cravings and overeating and miscommunication with our hormones..

Affecting our ability to lose weight.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about how that really works.

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