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How can "Garlic" helps . . . a "Cytokine Storm"?

So today . . . let's talk about one of my most favorite stinky little vegetables . . .

And that would be "garlic" . . .

Now . . . "garlic" has been used for centuries for the treatment of medical ailments and human disease. And it contains several active compounds that have the ability to combat "inflammation" due to a variety of disorders.

Okay . . . so for the past few days . . . we've been talking about a "cytokine storm" and that the "proinflammatory" cytokines are what causes this "storm".

Now . . . the Senior Medical Director at "Pfizer" . . . the company that made the "Pfizer vaccine" states . . . "a cytokine storm is generally what leads to otherwise healthy young people dying of the flu".

Now . . . as we know . . . "inflammation" is a main component of the human body in response to a pathogen infection.

And in my world of Alternative Medicine . . . there are several elements that have the ability to reduce "inflammation" during disease.

And they would be . . . flavonoids, carotenoids, turmeric and "garlic".

You see . . . "garlic" has been shown to have powerful "anti-inflammatory" activity in several studies of disease like with cancer and heart disease. And in fact . . . "garlic" has been clinically useful to eradicate brain cancer cells in patients.

Now . . . remember the other day we discovered that "proinflammatory" cytokines can cause an inflammation overload in the brain . . .

Well . . . eating "garlic" and its "anti-inflammatory" compounds can limit the effects of "proinflammatory" cytokines proteins that are associated with "chronic inflammation".

Okay . . . so can we eat "garlic" everyday???