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How do they "Test" for "Mold spores" in the body?

So how do they "test" us for "mold spores" in the body???

Well . . . in the "conventional medicine" world . . . it's very difficult to find someone that will listen to the possibility that we "even" have a "mold" problem.

But . . . if you do find a physician . . . we can be "tested" with a "blood" test called "radioallergosorbent" . . . this can "measure" the "immune system's" response to a foreign substance like "mold" by "measuring" the amount of certain "antibodies" in the bloodstream . . . and these are known as "immunoglobulin E" antibodies (IgE)

But . . . the problem is this . . . these same "antibodies" (IgE) . . . ALSO detect viruses, bacterium and fungi . . . so end result . . . this test is JUST detecting a foreign substance . . . NOT necessarily that it's "MOLD" . . . or even what kind of mold

Now . . . in the "alternative medicine world" (my world) . . . it was very easy to talk to my naturopathic physician about the possibility of my issues being "mold" related.

And . . . one of the most efficient ways to detect a "mold" illness . . . is with a "urine" test

You see . . . this testing method not only tests "IF" you have a "mold" issue . . . but it also tells you what "kind" of "mold" you may have.

It has the "ability" to "assess" for different types of "mold" and "mycotoxins . . . as well as "genetic" susceptibility to "mold" illness.

So what are "mycotoxins" you ask???

Well . . . "mycotoxins" are toxic compounds that are naturally produced by certain types of


And where do we find these "mycotoxins"???

Well . . . in the food we eat like . . .

CORN and corn products, peanuts, cottonseed, sorghum, WHEAT, barley, COFFEE, cocoa, pecans, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, rice, cereal, dried fruit, some spices and . . . BEER AND WINE.

So tomorrow . . . let's dig a little deep and talk about these "mycotoxins" a little more.

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