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How do we protect our health from a "Virus"?

Okay . . . so I thought today we'd talk about protecting our health in these scary times. With this virus lurking everywhere . . . we need to be informed and "really" understand what is going on here. So, let's take the next few days and explore the possibilities.

We need to understand the "mechanics" of the human body to better protect ourselves.

So, here we go . . .

There's a specific amino acid in the body that's called "arginine".

Now, "arginine" helps the body build protein. And the body normally makes all the "arginine" that it needs for optimal health. (Please remember this part)

So what else does "arginine" do for the body other than build protein for cell energy???

Well . . . it helps minimize adipose tissue, also known as "belly fat"!

Simply said . . . "arginine" helps burn our belly fat.

Well . . . that's a good thing!

"Arginine" also stimulates the release of growth hormones and the hormone "insulin".

You see . . . this amino acid improves the burning of glucose by as much as 40%.

Plus . . . it stimulates production of glucagon-like peptides an intestinal hormone that regulates "appetite".