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How does "love making" help our immune system?

Okay . . . so since yesterday was "Valentine's Day" . . .

And we spoke about why being in "LOVE" is so beneficial to ones health . . .

I thought we'd take today and discover what that act of "love making" really does to our body.

So today let's talk about "orgasms" . . .

First question . . . what are the benefits other than making us feel good???

Well . . . "orgasms" can increase circulation, give you great skin, improve menstrual cycles, lower body pain, lower anxiety, help you sleep better, lower the risk of prostate cancer, help boost fertility, keep your brain sharp and lower stress levels due to reducing and rebalancing our "cortisol hormone" (better known as the stress hormone and belly fat producer),

An "orgasm" can also improve our immune system by increasing the number of "inflammatory mediators" called "leukocytes" or better known as the body's white blood cell count.

And when this happens . . . these white blood cells and in particular . . . the "natural killer cells" can help fight off infections.

Now . . . as we know from previous Health tips . . . a "lymphocyte" is a type of leukocyte, white blood cell that is part of the immune system. And some of these cells produce "antibodies" that are used to attack invading bacteria, viruses and toxins.

So the moral to this story today is this . . . "love making and orgasms" aren't just about feeling good . . . we need them to build a strong immune system and protect us from bacteria, toxins and "VIRUSES".

And for the body to accomplish its mission of stimulating "white blood cells" and immunity" for optimal health . . . the body needs to "climax" with an "orgasm" at least "3" times a week.

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