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How to Calm a "Cytokine Storm" that lurks deep within us.

So today I thought is was crucial that we talk about a "Cytokine Storm".

And what is this "Cytokine Storm" you ask???

Well . . . "cytokines" are the unsung heroes of the immune system. And I bet many of you didn't even know that they exist in the body.

Well, guess what . . . cytokines often act as the first responders to a pathogen infection like this virus.

You see . . . "Cytokines" are molecules that allow our cells to talk to each other (a communication highway and signaling system) and are crucial for a healthy immune system to function properly.

But . . . when the body has "too many" cytokines, it can have a "negative" effect and result in what's known as a "cytokine storm".

Now . . . I know we've spoken about "cytokines" in previous Health tips and even a "cytokine storm" . . . but in today's world and upset . . . I think it needs repeating.

"Cytokines" are a large group of proteins, peptides or glycoproteins that are secreted by specific cells of the immune system.

Okay . . . so listen up people . . . "cytokines" are "signaling molecules" that "regulate" "immunity" and "inflammation".

How important is that??????

There are 33 different types of "cytokines" in the body . . . but we're going to focus on just 2 for today.

As I stated . . . "Cytokines" are the "regulators" of the body's &quo