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How to get rid of a "urinary tract infection" naturally

So did you know that both men "and" women can get a urinary tract infection (UTI)???

Well, it's true . . .

So what exactly is a UTI???

Well . . . it's an infection of the urinary system. And it can involve more than just one part of it.

You see . . . on any well balanced given day . . . our urine "does not" contain any bacteria.

But . . . when bacteria enters this part of the body . . . it can cause an infection. And this bacteria will build up somewhere along the urinary tract causing us discomfort.

Now, in women . . . it can develop in the urethra, bladder and/or kidneys

And in men . . . it can develop in the urethra, bladder, kidneys and/or the prostate.

Okay . . . so how do we get a UTI???

Well . . . there are many ways . . . so let's figure it out.

It's actually pretty easy to get a urinary tract infection. You see . . . bacteria that lives in the vagina, genitals and anal areas may enter the urethra, travel to the bladder and cause an infection.

And this can happen during sexual activity when bacteria from your partner's genital's, anus, fingers or even sex toys get pushed into the urethra

Some other ways we can get a UTI are . . . if we have diabetes, problems emptying the bladder completely, having a urinary catheter, bowel incontinence, blocked flow of urine and having kidney stones.

And what are some symptoms???

Well . . . that would be . . . a burning feeling when you pee, a frequent or intense urge to pee, cloudy, dark, bloody or strange-smelling pee, feeling tired or shaky, having a fever or chills (which means that the infection may have already reached the kidneys), and pain or pressure in the lower back and/or lower abdomen.

So I'm sure now you're thinking . . . what are some natural ways to eliminate a urinary tract infection???

Well . . . I think we all know about staying hydrated and drinking lots of water to flush bacteria out of the body.

Some other ways are . . . getting enough vitamin C to boost the immune system and fight the bacteria, urinate when you need to (don't hold it in), wiping from front to back when you go pee and poop, using a heating pad, avoid caffeine, practice good sexual hygiene or taking sodium bicarbonate to alkalize the body.

And these can all help . . .

But guess what?

I have a few more ways that we'll talk about tomorrow.

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