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How to get rid of "Mycotoxins" and "Mold" from the body - continued

So yesterday . . . I spoke about "BINDERS" . . . and their important role in eliminating "mycotoxins" and "mold" from the body.

So what exactly are these "BINDERS" you ask???

Well . . . a "binder" assists the body in "reducing" its "toxic level.

And these "binders" . . . effectively "bind" to and "eliminate" toxins from the body.

You see . . . naturally, the body have the ability to "remove" SOME toxins . . . but when the "toxic" load is too high . . . the body needs helps.

And that's why sometimes we need to consume more "binders" in our diet.

Now . . . "toxic overload" in the body can come from our water, food, cleaning products, mold exposure or other environmental sources that many people are exposed to on a regular basic . . . and don't even know it.

A good example for the "ladies" would be this . . .

"If" . . . you're NOT using "natural" skincare products . . . then . . . you could be applying over 168 chemicals of "non-natural" products to your skin "everyday".

And these "toxins" slowly but surely harm not only our skin over time . . . but also our "health".

So I'm sure you're thinking . . . how can this be???