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How to help "stop" the "Heart" and "Mind" from racing at night.

So today, let's talk about a way to help "stop" the "heart palpitations" that wake us up at night.

You see . . . a very big factor with the "heart" is this . . . like with the body . . . the "heart" needs to be "hydrated" to function properly.

And "dehydration" can cause "heart palpitations" due to the heart having to work harder to circulate blood . . . whereas, drinking plenty of water can enhance cardiovagal tone.

And add to that . . . drinking "chilled" water not only "decreases" the heart rate . . . but also stimulates the "vagus" nerve we spoke of last week.

Okay . . . so with this . . . when the body is "dehydrated" . . . and we have a "bad" bacteria overgrowth infection . . . this alters our pH level and the body now becomes too "acidic".

And this "acidity" can also cause "heart palpitations".

So what about our "mind racing"???

Well . . . the same things apply.

Drinking "water" is important for maintaining our "mental health". And "dehydration" can "increase the risk of "anxiety" and depression" . . . which can keep our "mind" racing at night.

Now . . . if you're a person that enjoys a "nightcap" . . . and you have an issue with a racing "mind" at night . . .

The alcohol you consume . . . "DEHYDRATES" the body and . . . BOOM . . . we now have "heart palpitations" or a "racing mind" at night.

So drinking plenty of "water" through the day has shown to have natural "calming" properties for the body and brain at night.

Okay . . . so remember I spoke of the "liver" the other day being a part of this issue???

Well . . . the "liver" is especially affected when the body is "dehydrated".

You see . . . "WATER" detoxifies the "liver" . . . which in turn . . . helps to remove the toxins and flush the liver's tissue.

So tomorrow we'll finish this topic with another way to get some sleep.

But for now . . . "DRINK" MORE "WATER" PEOPLE!!!!!

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