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How to jump start the "Weight Loss Process"

Okay . . . so yesterday we spoke about how the body needs to lose its "extra" water weight before it can lose its extra "fat" weight.

Well . . . one of my favorite ways to jump start the weight loss process after losing the "extra water weight" . . . is with "intermittent fasting".

I've spoken about this many time in previous Health tip . . . but let's go over it again.

When we do an "intermittent fasting" . . . the body learns to use "fat" as fuel" instead of glucose. And with this method of "jump start" . . . weight loss becomes easier and sustainable over time.

Now . . . I do need to say . . . I'm not a fan of "total" fasting and would not recommend it to my clients . . . however . . . "intermittent fasting" is a whole different story.

So what exactly is . . . "intermittent fasting"???

Well . . . it's an eating pattern that cycles between periods of "fasting" (not eating) and "eating".

So how is this done you ask???

Well . . . "intermittent fasting" can be as simple as sleeping . . .

A good example would be what I do . . .

I start at night . . . and stop eating at 6 pm.

Then from that time until I go to bed . . . I would only have tea or water to drink.

Now . . . in the morning when I wake . . . again, I would only have tea or water to drink . . . nothing to eat yet.

Then at 12 noon . . . I would eat a healthy "compliant" lunch

A snack in the afternoon

And then dinner about 5 pm

With this "pattern" eating . . . I just did my "intermittent fasting"

You see from 6 pm until noon the next day, I did 18 hours of "fasting" and the best part was that most of it was done when I was sleeping. That's what makes "intermittent fasting" so easy.

This was an 18/6 intermittent fast

Now, if you don't think that's doable . . . you can start with a 16/8 intermittent fast.

For example . . . you would stop eating at 6 pm, then just drink tea or water until bed, wake in the morning and again just drink tea or water and then have your first meal at 10 am.

Your second meal at 1 or 2 pm (no snack with this fasting)

And dinner around 5 pm

Okay . . . so now you ask . . . what can I eat on an intermittent fast???

Well . . . that would be . . . high-fiber foods such as nuts, beans, fruits and vegetable and high protein foods such as lean meat and fish.

And you would want to practice the thirst vs. hunger theory we spoke of in a previous Health tip . . . because as we know . . . people tend to think they're hungry when they're really just "thirsty".

Now . . . many diet plans tell you to do an "intermittent" fasting for weeks and some even for months.

So tomorrow we'll continue and I'll tell you what I believe . . .

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