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How to "lower" cholesterol levels with food

Okay . . . so today . . . we're going to talk about the best food choices for helping to "reset" the body to "lower" its cholesterol.

And first up , , , Raw "almonds" . . . now mind you . . . I'm not talking about roasted, flavored or processed . . . I'm talking about just a plain old "raw" almond.

And why are they so good???

Well . . . they have the ability to "raise" our HDL (good) cholesterol and "lower" our LDL (bad) cholesterol, which prevents LDL from clogging arteries.

NOTE: please be mindful about quantity on this one because they are also high in calories.

Next up . . . "Avocados". Now . . . avocados are a monounsaturated fat and high in "fiber", which again "raises" HDL (good) cholesterol and "lowers" LDL and triglycerides.

"Beans and legumes" - are "high" in protein and "fiber" which improves cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease.

"Blueberries" - help to keep arteries clear by reducing blood levels of LDL because they help support liver function. Which as we know . . . is vital for removing "bad" cholesterol from the body.

"Dark leafy greens" - such as kale and spinach are rich in the amino acid called "lutein" and other carotenoids. And they have the ability to lower the risk of heart disease.

You see . . . the high amount of "antioxidants" in these foods bind to bile acid made in the liver that are released during digestion. And with this . . . the bile acid binding now aids food in lowering LDL cholesterol in the body.

"Lutein" lowers levels of oxidized LDL cholesterol to prevent it from accumulating in the arteries.


Next up . . . "fatty acids" because they are rich in "omega-3" fatty acids and they have the ability to "increase" HDL (good) cholesterol, "lower" LDL cholesterol and reduce triglycerides. With wild-caught salmon and mackerel being an excellent source of omega-3

"Garlic" - is another favorite of mine because it contains "allicin" which lowers blood pressure and reduces LDL cholesterol

"Oats" - can improve LDL because it contains "beta-glucan" which forms a layer on the surface of the small intestine to "block" uptake of cholesterol and helps to remove it from the body.

Now . . . I'm talking about just plain "oats" . . . you know, just whole grain oats which are cylindrical in shape and are in raw and unprocessed form. "Not" rolled or steel cut oats!

"Oats" also have the best source of "soluble" fiber. This kind of "fiber" forms a gel and prevents the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream

"Black tea" - can reduce blood "lipids"

"Tomatoes" - are rich in "lycopene" which can inhibit LDL production to help to breakdown this artery clogging fat.

And now . . . I'm going to totally make your day if you're a "chocolate lover"

"Dark, dark Chocolate" - has the ability to "lower" LDL cholesterol due to the nutrients in the "PURE" cocoa. It can prevent oxidation of LDL cholesterol in the blood . . .

BUT . . . it has to be 90% or above for this to work . . . anything else is filled with too much sugar and just feeding the "bad" bacteria lurking deep within us causing our health and weight issues.

You see . . . a diet "high" in "sugar" makes the liver synthesize more LDL "bad" cholesterol.

Did you get that people???

Even if you're not a big fried food eater and try to eat healthy . . . the "sugar" that we consume can make more LDL "bad" cholesterol in the body.

And if that's not bad enough . . . a "sugary" diet . . . "lowers" the HDL "good" cholesterol in the body and with this . . . excess sugar "raises" the "triglycerides (blood fat) in the body.

So PLEASE . . . we aware of what foods you consume.

And REMEMBER . . . this way of lowering "cholesterol" ISN'T about eating just one of these foods . . . it about eating a VARIETY of these foods everyday.

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