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I may have an answer for "Coffee Lovers"

So the other day I wrote a Health Tip about the hazards of drinking "coffee". And unfortunately . . . I ruined a lot of people's day. So I did some research and think I found an answer to help in "eliminating" bean coffee and its caffeine from your daily routine without taking away your love for coffee.

Chicory root coffee is a true caffeine-free coffee. And guess what?

This coffee is not made from beans . . . it's made from a plant root and can improve your digestion. It doesn't have the same affect that regular bean coffee does on our hormones (remember in that Health Tip how caffeine makes us want to eat more due to disrupting the Leptin and Ghrelin hormones and increases our stress hormone causing for stress to our body)

This coffee may improve brain function, improves blood sugar control, aids in weight loss, reduces anxiety and stress and help to treat osteoarthritis . . . all because it's high in "anti-inflammatory" properties. Another big "Plus".

And guess what? . . . remember in yesterday's Health Tip we spoke about "Prebiotics" . . . Well this little root coffee is also very high in that same "Prebiotics".

This is a win - win!!!!

As always . . . I'm researching for YOU!!!!

Have a great day!

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