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IBS and "Relief"

So today, let's finish our topic of "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" with some herbs, spices and amino acids that can give us some "relief".

First up . . . the amino acid called "L-Glutamine" . . .

"L-Glutamine" can improve intestinal or gut "permeability". This protects against unwanted toxins entering the digestive system . . . studies show that IBS itself can "result" from "lack" of gut "permeability" . . . especially in IBS-D (diarrhea)

And what about some "spices"???

Well . . . in the alternative medicine world . . . "ginger" is one of the most widely used medicines by IBS patients due to its "anti-inflammatory" and "antioxidant" effects. And this is due to its ability to treat gastrointestinal symptoms like for pain relief.

Another would be . . . "Ceylon" cinnamon (not Cassia). It's been used for centuries to cure digestive related disorders because it contains "disinfectant" qualities and pain relieving properties which are especially helpful in reducing painful cramps of IBS.

And what about supplements to take???

Well . . . "vitamin D3" is important for IBS because many people with IBS are vitamin D deficient.

"Apple cider vinegar with mother" is another "antispasmodic" that can ease digestive problems like IBS

And some other elements would be . . . omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and magnesium due to IBS causing many nutritional deficiencies.

Next . . . how about herbs that can help . . .

"Peppermint" is an herb also called an "antispasmodic" . . . that can relieve digestive issues including IBS. Drinking "peppermint" tea soothes the intestines, relieves abdominal pain, cramps, farting (flatulence) and can reduce bloating. <