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"Illusion of Time" - continued

To continue yesterday's conversation. Are we living in an "illusion of time"? I referred to the relatability of this pandemic and its virus to an "illusion". Remember if information "isn't" a "fact" . . . then it becomes a "perception" which in turn becomes an "illusion in life"

Several months ago I gave you information about this virus and some important facts.

Well . . . some time has passed, new information has been discovered and new perceptions have been unveiled. So what is "fact" and what is just "perception"?

Has the media done a good job informing us with information? And is that information "Fact" or "Perception".

So let's start at the beginning . . . This virus is a "single cell organism", meaning it doesn't have a brain, a digestive system, or a mitochondria. It has no cell membrane, metabolism, or respiration. It can't move on its own and it can't survive without a host (that us) because it can't replicate outside of a living cell (again, that's us). It has such a weak existence . . . it can barely be considered a living organism . . . Fact!

That doesn't sound like something that's very dangerous . . . . does it? . . . Perception!

But as soon as it gets into a human's airways, the virus hijacks our cells to create millions more of the version of itself . . . Fact!

Okay . . . so this virus has a "RNA" not a "DNA", with RNA being ribonucleic acid, a nucleic acid present in all living cells (even us). Its principal role is to act as a messenger carrying instructions controlling the synthesis of proteins . . . Fact! So what makes this virus different from other viruses? Nothing other than it has RNA and some other viruses have DNA . . . Fact!

This virus has the same RNA as Hepatitis C, Polio, Measles, Influenza, SARS and HIV, just to mention a few . . . Fact!

Now . . . RNA viruses make small errors - "mutations" - when it creates and copies its genetic code during reproduction. And they lack the ability to repair those errors. Therefore lacking a self-correcting mechanism meaning it's not a "stable" virus . . . Fact!

And this is why science says this virus is such a "loose cannon"! . . . Perception!

Wikipedia states . . . that RNA viruses have historically been utilized due to the typically small genome size and existing reverse transcription machinery present. The first "man-made" infectious viruses generated "without" any "natural "template were of the "POLIO" virus and the X174 bacteriophage virus. Yes . . . you heard me right . . . the infectious virus "Polio" was man-made! . . . FACT!

So I guess we need to ask . . . were the HIV, SARS and the Coronavirus man-made ???? . . . Perception!

Yesterday I stated that we're being told this virus may be around for some time . . . Perception!

And that we're being told there is no cure or solution for this devastating illness . . . . Perception!

Well, tomorrow I'll share with you some of my research on this "illusion in time" called the Coronavirus . . . . Fact!

As always, feel free to contact me here.

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